"Drive onto the property and you feel God's presence. I have never been to a more welcoming, humble, helpful, positive place in my 49 years here. CCS has given me hope for our children's future in this world of sin, chaos, and discord. Thank you CCS for standing with yout parents and holding our children to God's standards not mans. Know you are loved!"

Brian S.

CCS Parent

"I am so thankful for each and every person dedicating their time to the children! The loving atmosphere is felt as soon as you walk through the doors of this school. Very evident that the holy spirit has a hold of everyone involved here. The truth is being taught and lessons on loving each other shine. Thank you everyone who teaches and helps to positively impact all these beautiful children :-)"

Stephanie L.

CCS Parent

"I'm so thankful for this school, the teachers, the principal and all the staff who fill our kids with truth and the Bible every day!"

Rachael P.

CCS Parent

"Central Christian school is a wonderful, accredited learning environment with a family-like atmosphere and Christ at the center!"

Nicole W.

Former Student

"Wonderful Christian atmosphere ! I had 12 great years teaching at CCS until retirement. God knew the desires of my heart and placed me where I could share His love with students, etc."

Rita S.

Retired CCS Employee

"We are thankful for this school. There are so many reasons that make CCS a great school... 1. The principal, teachers and staff carry the love of God and they genuinely care for the students... 2. It is nice to be a part of a small school family. The students have individual opportunities available to them at CCS that may not happen at a larger school. They are not just a number in a crowd. Parents are invested in their child's education and are welcome to be involved... 3. The teachers are highly trained in Feuerstein. This method helps students learn how to have growth mindsets and become autonomous learners... and the list goes on..."

Jeanie S.

CCS Parent

“The whole teaching staff and administrative staff is AMAZING! They love what they do and it shows!”

Lisa O.

Central Ministries Staff