MindCap was established by Dr. Jeanne Zehr (CCS Past Principal) out of a need to educate parents and teachers on how to heal and grow cognitively. A mind is not fixed like previously thought. It can be healed, and changed so children can flourish to enjoy an improved quality of life.

Many of our teachers at CCS have been trained using the Feuerstein Method at MindCap. This break-through method was first developed in Israel. There are tools and techniques that identify and unleash a persons learning potential. Now, we are blessed to have MindCap, a true gem, right in our own hometown for us to draw from their depths of knowledge. Educators from around the world come to Fort Wayne just to be trained.

It is never too late for hope. MindCap offers advances in cognitive, emotional, and social skills. Diagnosis of ADHD, brain injury, autism, ptsd, or genetic conditions do not have the final word. Everyone can improve their mind, regardless of the cause of a cognitive challenge.
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Sign up for Parent Workshops available every month to all parents. Topics include:

  • Mediating my child’s homework
  • How to handle a neural hijacking (meltdown)
  • 28 thinking strategies
  • Keeping my cool as the parent

Go to mindcap.org or call 260-271-4650 to register.

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