Central Christian School is now accepting applications for a new position:


The Superintendent will carry out the administrative duties, functions, and obligations in accordance with the policies adopted by the school board and approved by the executive committee. The Superintendent shall serve as an advisor to the board and as a professional leader of the staff.

• A sound philosophy of Christian education
• An adequate understanding of child development
• An adequate understanding of the learning process
• The ability to recognize and develop good teaching
• Competence in the supervision of the learning and/or teaching process
• A thorough background in curriculum content and change
• Knowledge and appreciation of the guidance function, including the proper place of tests and measurements

The Superintendent shall:
• Assume responsible leadership of the school and its programs

• Act as an educational expert to the board, advising and providing service data to the board on all educational issues and procedures

• Establish a wholesome spiritual and emotional atmosphere that will characterize the school as Christian

• Recruit and staff the school with Christian teachers, and distribute the work appropriately and equitably among members of the staff

• Outline the methods and procedures to be followed in classroom teaching

• Supervise the instructional process so that teachers and students are guided and stimulated to their greatest capacity

• Initiate and supervise programs and procedures for keeping parents in vital and wholesome contact with the school

• Promote the professional advancement of the staff and interpret staff needs to the board

• Assist the board in coordinating the overall activities of the school toward the best interest of its educational goals

• Execute decisions of the board concerning the internal operation of the school


A maturing Christian and an active member in good standing of
Central Ministries and feels called of God to school administration

The Bible and Christian philosophy of education, characteristics, and development of children

• Work independently making good judgments, in accordance with
school policies and procedures
• Comply with and give good oral and written instructions
• Supervise teachers, staff, students, and volunteers
• Establish and maintain a cooperative and effective working
relationship with students and parents

Preference is given to candidates with previous Christian school
experience, preferably with administrative experience

Minimum of a master’s degree in educational administration
Certified or able to be certified in school administration

Please send all resumes to:
Mark Nelson
School Board President


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