Tuition and Fees Policy 2020-21

Tuition Payments and Requirements

We accept Choice Scholarships (State Vouchers) and participate in a Scholarship Granting Organization (SGO). All families who have remaining tuition and fees not covered by Choice Scholarships or an SGO need to enroll in the FACTS program. Please contact the school office for any questions concerning Choice Scholarships or the SGO. Please visit our school FACTS page at in order to enroll or update your information.

Registration Fee

There is a registration fee for every student, regardless of if the child will be receiving a Choice Scholarship (State Voucher). On September 1, if your child is still enrolled, and you are expecting a full Choice Scholarship (Voucher), you will receive a refund in the amount that CCS will receive for your child (returning students is $50 and new students is $100). If your child withdraws, no refund of the registration fee will be given. The reason for this is for budgetary purposes. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Registration fees are due at the time of enrollment for each student. This is a non-refundable fee. Each family’s account needs to be financially up-to-date or a payment plan in place in order to re-register for the following school year.

  • $100.00 for all new students
  • $ 50.00 for all returning students who re-register for the following school year (dates will be specified yearly).
  • $100.00 for all returning students after May 1st
Tuition & Book Fees
(Paid once per year)
(Paid once per year)
3/4 Year Old Preschool
2 Half Days $945 $75 $75
4/5 Year Old PreKindergarten
5 Half Days $2,205 $110 $75
Kindergarten $4,000 $125 $75
Grades 1-6 $4,995 $175 $75
Grades 7-8 $4,995 $225 $75

Scholarships & Discounts

  • We will apply all eligible discounts to every family (see below for discounts available for the school year), but we first must receive the Eligible Discount Form.
  • We will send out an invoice to each family with their eligible discounts applied in late May or early June.
  • If at that point, you feel that you will not be able to meet your tuition obligation, you may fill out a Financial Aid Application. The Application is designed to collect financial data in order for us to assess your need.
  • By filling out a Financial Aid Application, you will begin the process, which may involve meeting with our Finance committee.
  • You will be notified of your Award no later than mid-July.

Indiana Choice Scholarships

Before you can apply for an Indiana Choice Scholarship (State funded tuition assistance) you must be accepted at Central Christian School. Indiana’s Choice Scholarship law provides a way for Indiana residents that meet the financial requirements to receive a School Choice Scholarship. For Central Christian School families, that means that approx. 60% to 100% of their children's tuition would be covered by the State (depending on eligibility).

Please visit the IDOE website for information on income verification and student eligibility at If you have further questions please contact us.


(Each family must fill out the Eligible Discount Form):
  • Central Ministries Member discount: For committed participants who attend Central Church on a regular basis: 5%
  • Tuition paid in full by the first day of school (After all discounts are applied): 5% (Does not apply to remaining balance owed after Choice Scholarship is deducted)

Financial Aid

(Applied on a discretionary basis):

Amounts determined by the Finance committee and awarded based on need.