Special Area Classes

Special Area classes are offered weekly using a creative curriculum:

  • P.E.- Health instruction in physical exercise and games. Includes Archery using NASP (4th-8th) - naspbai.org
  • Library- Student’s check out books weekly and have writing contests.
  • Art- Creative instruction includes hands-on art projects, art therapy, history, and art careers.
  • Music- Students sing, play musical instruments, analyze lyrics, study composers, musical theory and history. At the end of each year the music department holds a K-8th musical where all students participate.
  • Computer- Students learn through games, learn typing skills (2nd-8th), utilize Google Classroom (5th-8th) which is applied in class, and basic programming is explored (7th-8th).

We are continually giving students more in the Special Area department according to their interests. In the past, we have also incorporated finance.